Currently, the easiest way to obtain a paper visa to Russia is to apply for a tourist visa supported by an invitation letter from an official tour operator. A tourist visa allows you to enter the country not only for tourism purposes, but also to participate in business negotiations or, for example, to visit Russian relatives and friends. In this section you can order a compliant visa support letter.

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Don’t know where you will be staying yet? You can purchase ​accommodation in Russia with us and the invitation letter will be ​provided complimentary to your hotel booking.

Alternatively, we can issue an electronic invitation letter (voucher) with your own accommodation details.

Tourist invitations

CHF 25
Single Entry
stay up to 30 days
CHF 30
Double Entry
stay up to 30 days
CHF 65
Multiple Entry
stay up to 90 days

Difference between single, double and multiple ​entry visas to Russia

Number of ​entries Visa validity ​period Length of stay Documents and requirements
Single 30 30 ordinary invitation letter
Double 90 30 for a double-entry visa a document confirming ​the details of both trips is required
Multiple 180 90 a history of previous visits to Russia

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